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Investment Management

We offer our clients international investment opportunities in the real estate and infrastructure sectors. As direct investments or club deals to secure special and profitable market opportunities as well as with individual mandates for rapid and strategic portfolio development or expansion. With our excellent international market access, we offer access to sought-after "off market" deals.

Our clients are mainly international investment companies and institutional investors such as pension funds, insurance companies, foundations or family offices. 

We have exceptional experience with investment strategies in the Core, Core+, Manage-to-Core and Value Add risk classes. We specialise in office, logistic and hotel real estate.

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Transaction Management

In transaction management, we support our clients in the acquisition as well as the sale and, if necessary, the leasing of their assets. It goes without saying that the management and execution of due diligence for our clients also falls within our remit. We use Europe's leading data room provider "Drooms" for the professional and uncomplicated execution of due diligence.

We know the assets, the tenants and the market of our clients with its requirements. As an experienced team, we are optimally networked and directly involved in the purchase and sale.

Project development and revitalisation

Creating value through project development or the complete revitalisation of existing properties is a particularly exciting task that we consciously set ourselves. Opportunities and risks are often close together, which is why it takes an experienced and professional team to be successful in the long term. We work in teams of external planners and our own staff, tailored to the specific project. Our focus is on sophisticated architecture, modern utilisation concepts and the consideration of sustainability.


For us, only the best possible results count, which is why we work closely with users, investors and local authorities in a spirit of partnership.

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